At first glance, you might misjudge Tess. Write her off as a hipster, a pretty face who surely wouldn't get her hands dirty, and definitely not bloody. But take just a moment to scratch the surface and you'll discover she doesn't mind a little dirt and expects a little blood under her nails after a hard day at work.

As the daughter of a dairyman, Tess Rousey and her family were living farm-to-table before the phrase became a buzzword. Like her father, she expects to work from sunup to sundown until the job is done. Tess is also a hunter, raised on the land by parents who taught her to appreciate the bounty nature provides, whether it's dug out of the garden or drug from the woods.

Her rural background is complemented by a Fine Arts degree and nearly a decade spent working in design for one of the outdoor industry's largest retailers. Because Tess understands both the lifestyle and the business of the outdoors, she can highlight products and people in an artful way that not only generates sales, but also creates an aspirational aspect to your brand. With her firm knowledge of layout and design for print and on-line marketing, she serves as her own art director, shooting photos that combine art and advertising in a fun, profitable way.

Tess thrives on the creative process, whether it's in her photography or design, and loves to discuss shoot concepts, collaborating with the client to ensure the end result is a success.

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